Please utilize this Flood Resource page for your assistance, needs, etc. We will keep it updated as often as the information becomes available, so please check back often.


If you have questions or are needing assistance regarding alternate traffic routes or road closures, you should contact the Gladwin County Road Commission.

If you are requiring assistance or need information for property damage claims, shelter information, food and supplies, financial donations, or volunteerism, you should contact the Gladwin County Office of Emergency Management / Gladwin County Board of Commissioners.

For utility services or restoration, you should contact your appropriate utility provider.  i.e. Consumers Power, Charter, AT&T, etc.

Please DO NOT contact Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch 911 for the above information.  The continued increase of non-emergency call volume is delaying the response of first responders for emergencies requiring Police / Fire / EMS.


  • Call 2-1-1 as soon as possible as you need to register and REPORT YOUR FLOOD DAMAGE
    • PLEASE, alert all!! Those with property damage need to follow guidelines in order to qualify for any potential assistance down the road and for declaration purposes. This is vitally important!! Please have them connect with 211 to register.
  • Gladwin County residents call 2-1-1 for the following:
    • Damage to your property—please differentiate between residence and seasonal homes
    • Food/clothing/toiletries
    • Shelter
    • Loss of medications due to flood
  • Press Release – 05.21.2020 – 211 Information. Click Here


    • Contact the Gladwin County Emergency Operation Center about PROPERTY DAMAGE or NEED ASSISTANCE | 989.720.4903 | Hours: 10 am – 4 pm
    • Below is a list of resources from the Department of Insurance and Financial Services’ (DIFS) website that you may find helpful when working with insurance companies to file a claim and repair damages. DIFS can help answer questions regarding what an insurer must do and help explain policy language.
    • FEMA will be doing a “virtual survey” of the damage. We have our damage assessment teams working now. It is a slow process due to the scope of the incident, but ongoing.
    • Follow Consumer’s guidelines to avoid injury or death.
    • If your house has been flooded: cleanup with safety glasses, gloves, boots and a mask.
    • Central Michigan District Health Department has information from the CDC on flood issues and safety on your property.
    • Flood damage clean up – Click to View Republic Waste Services Clean Up Statement
    • Press Release – 05.24.2020-3 – Flood – Self-Reporting Tool for Flood Damages. Click Here
    • Press Release – 05.24.2020-2 – Flood – Services Available Safety Precautions. Click Here
    • Press Release – 05.24.2020-1 – Flood – Restoration of Power. Click Here
    • Press Release – 05.26.2020 – Construction. Click Here
    • Flood Clean-up – All About Mold. Click Here
    • Flood Clean-up – Protecting Indoor Air Quality. Click Here
    • Press Release – 05.29.2020 – Gladwin County Debris Pickup. Click Here
    • Press Release – 05.29.2020-2 – Gladwin County Debris Pickup. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.01.2020-2 – Flood Debris Pickup Removal. Click Here
    • Common Floodplain Activities that may / may not need Permits. Click Here
    • Post Flood Self-Reporting Tool for Loss of Water from Residential Wells. Click Here
    • CMDHD Covid-19 Information Update – 06.05.2020. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.05.2020 – Use of Dump Stations and Non-Potable Water Stations. Click Here
    • Be Aware Before You Repair. Click Here
    • Red Cross Flyer – Immediate Assistance. Click Here
    • PAPPG Version 4 – Appendix-G Mosquito Abatement. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.09.2020-1. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.09.2020-2 – Reduction of Permit Fees. Click Here
    • JIC News Release 259 State of Michigan Launches Online Map of Free wi-fi Hotspots to Help Residents Lacking Access to Broadband Internet. Click Here
    • NR013 EGLE Permits may be Required for Shoreline Rebuilding on Wixom Sanford Lakes After Midland Flooding. Click Here
    • Well Information for Flood Affected Gladwin County Residents. Click Here
    • Red Cross Immediate Assistance. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06-17-2020. Click Here
    • Permit Requirements for Flood Repair Please Re-Issue Please Send to Townships. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.19.2020 – Permit Requirements. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.23.2020 – Flood Relief Center Resources. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.24.2020 – A Call to Action! Click Here
    • Storm Situation Report. Click Here
    • Gladwin County Flood Relief Distribution Center – Latest Info – 06.25.2020. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.26.2020 – Debris Sites. Click Here
    • You can find Flood-Related Videos here. Click Here
    • Press Release – 06.30.2020. Click Here
    • Press Release – 07.08.2020. Click Here
    • Flood Recovery Resources Topic of Third High Water Summit Webinar – July 8, 2020. Click Here
    • Whitmer’s Request for a Major Disaster Declaration for Mid Michigan Counties Impacted by May Floods Approved by President Trump. Click Here
    • Press Release – 07.10.2020 – River Bottoms Safety. Click Here
    • EO-2020-147 – Emerg Order Masks – Final Signed. Click Here
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    • LIVE Telephone Town Hall with Congressman John Moolenaar about the resources from FEMA – 07.14.2020 at 7:05 pm. Click Here
    • Press Release – 07.16.2020 – Red Cross. Click Here
    • MI – 16533 Presidential Fact Sheet PDF. Click Here
    • Sacred Heart Church Flood Relief Supplies Update – 07.17.2020. Click Here
    • Stakeholder Advisory 5 Guard Against ID Theft and Fraud. Click Here
    • Advisories with Information from FEMA Registration Flyer. Click Here
    • Disaster Assistance Flyer and Flood Recovery Contacts. Click Here
    • Stakeholder Update – 07.24.2020 – Final. Click Here
    • SBA and FEMA Resources. Click Here
    • Stakeholder Advisory #7 – Understanding Your FEMA Letter. Click Here
    • Federal Disaster Assistance for Flood Survivors. Click Here
    • FEMA – Individual Assistance County Update. Click Here
    • August 10, 2020 – 435-mi-16533 – SBA Physical Disaster Loan Deadline is September 8 in Michigan for Severe Storms and Flooding. Click Here
    • FEMA Flyer – 08.14.2020. Click Here
    • Relief Distribution Center Closure. Click Here
    • Appeal Process. Click Here
    • Social Media Post. Click Here
    • Flood Insurance Webinars. Click Here
    • DR-4547-MI Stakeholder Advisory-14 – Two Weeks Remain to Apply for Federal Assistance. Click Here
    • SBA Extends Hours of Michigan Virtual Loan Outreach Center and Business Recovery Center and Announces New Phone Number. Click Here
    • FEMA Region-V Recovery Bulletin – September 09, 2020. Click Here


  • Flood Relief Distribution and Collection Center to be established in Downtown Gladwin. Click Here to View PDF
  • Contact the Gladwin County Emergency Operation Center for VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES and DONATIONS from the community | 989.720.4901 | Hours: 10 am – 4 pm
  • Contact the Gladwin County Emergency Operation Center for FOOD and SHELTER | 989.720.4905 | Hours: 10 am – 4 pm
  • For information on MONETARY DONATIONS, contact Gladwin County Relief Fund, visit
    • There has been a lot of good work already started in fundraising efforts by many in Gladwin County for Flood Relief Fund.?? In an attempt to better organize those efforts several community members and area agencies have set the following recommendation as the best route for donor process and to maximize clarity, efficiency and donation effectiveness.
    • The process for monetary donations to the Gladwin County Flood Relief Fund will be as follows:
      1. Direct all financial donations to the Gladwin County Community Foundation and note Gladwin County Flood Relief Fund
      2. If you are from an organization wanting the funds to be used for a specific purpose or geographic region, this must be noted with your donation.
      3. Funds will be distributed from the Foundation to the Mid Michigan Community Action Agency
      4. Funds will be distributed by MMCAA using their already developed platform to the community, if you have questions contact 211 or the MMCAA.
      5. To the best of their ability, funds will not be used for things that might be covered by other grant agencies and relief efforts that may be forthcoming.
      6. Discourage separate community go fund me and other fundraising methods if possible.
      7. 211 donation page arranged for donation information on the fund.
      8. Others with web pages will link including Gladwin County Board of Commissioners.
      9. Share information via Facebook and other methods.
    • Another donation route is via Christ the King Church in Gladwin who will be a fiduciary for donations received from people that donate to this cause and will be matched by Thrivent Lutheran Financial and then turned over the Gladwin County Foundation. Kelly Armbruster of Thrivent is the point of contact for this effort.
  • We urge persons to carefully consider where they send their donations to avoid scams and to follow the process above to donate to the Gladwin County Flood Relief Fund.
  • Tobacco Township Distribution Center is available! Click Here
  • Billings Township Services – 06.02.2020. Click Here
  • Gladwin County MARC Flyer. Click Here
  • Gladwin County Flood Relief Update – June 8. Click Here


  • Contact the Gladwin County Emergency Operation Center for VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES and DONATIONS from the community | 989.720.4901 | Hours: 10 am – 4 pm
  • Beaverton City Manager, Heath Kaplan and Scott Govitz met with Dow, government, community officials, State Police and FEMA officials at Dow HQ on 05.23.2020. Heather Gallegos, Community Relations of Dow, also connected with the community Scott Govitz and Bob Balzer, Gladwin County EDC Director, about assistance from Dow.
  • Volunteer opportunities must be coordinated via Bob North, Emergency Manager and his team at Gladwin County Emergency Operation Center.
  • Other groups have also already been working in the community.
    • Beaverton Church of the Nazarene, Reverend Martin Hodge 248.978.5962 and email.
    • Team Rubicon coming in to assist and all volunteers were to register via 211 (I believe this to still be the case until something more official is set up). Yvette Keast has been active and can assist copied here for Rubicon. Scott isn’t sure if we actually have someone yet officially organizing these groups and it was a big need. Yvette can assist, along with Sarah Kile of 211.
    • Jen McCormick, Beaverton Resident, Coleman Superintendent, who was a part of a conversation that was held 05.22.2020, to get these organizing efforts underway and begin to organize the many relief center type of efforts that were popping up in the community.


  • Road Closures – 05.28.2020. Click Here
  • Road Closures – 05.20.2020. Click Here
  • Be aware that although some roads have been temporarily repaired due to the hard work of the Road Commission, road issues can arise unexpectedly.
  • The Highwood, Estey, Secord, and M-30 bridges will be closed for an undetermined length of time. DO NOT walk onto or attempt to cross the bridges by any means as they are unsafe.
  • Law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies in the county are constantly reviewing the situation.
  • Patience is the key going forward.


  • Next Fireplace Chat is scheduled for July 26, 2020 at 7 pm!
  • Scott Govitz is working to have a community Fireplace Talk show around the topic of the flood and relief information as soon as practical, hopefully, Monday May 25, 2020, likely at 7 pm. More info will go out to all on that. For those that are unaware, Scott has been doing community chats via zoom with the community to simply bring good news about people and things since the advent of Covid-19. A new website will be launched, but the address and placeholder site is . The show was put on hold with the flooding, but, it’s a route to reach many in the community. I’ll have more on that soon, including adding Facebook live as an option for the show.