Federal Disaster Assistance for Flood Survivors

Distaster Field Operations Center West – CLICK HERE TO VIEW PDF

SBA Virtual Loan Center – CLICK HERE TO VIEW PDF

US SBA Fact Sheet – Disaster Loan – CLICK HERE TO VIEW PDF

SBA and FEMA Resources

FEMA_P213_SubDamage QandA.pdf – CLICK TO VIEW PDF

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People should call these customer service numbers for assistance with SBA disaster loan applications (8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays):

Or email to FOCE-Help@sba.gov

If they call the SBA’s customer service center/800 number, they will experience long wait times. We set up these phone numbers just for the MI flood survivors.

  • They can make an appointment with our staff to walk them through the online application process. If they get voicemail, they should leave their name and phone number and we will call them back.
  • If people are having difficulty uploading their 4506-T form, we can help them with that.
  • If people have questions about their particular situation or application, they should get answers at those numbers.

We recommend people view/download the paper application forms so they can prepare their information in advance of submitting the online application:

Paper forms:


Apply here:


Disaster Loan Program Information:


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Ms. Ashton Bortz
District Chief of Staff
Congressman John Moolenaar (MI-04)
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Midland, MI 48640