Gladwin County 17th Probate Court

The probate court handles wills, administers estates and trusts, appoints guardians and conservators and orders treatment for mentally ill and developmentally disabled persons.

There are 78 probate courts in Michigan; probate judges are elected for six-year terms.

Probate / Family Court

Honorable Marcy A. Klaus
Probate and Family Court Judge

401 West Cedar Avenue
Gladwin, MI 48624

Phone: 989.426.7451

Kristie Simrau, Probate Register
Hannah McGuire, Juvenile Register
Tina Wasalaski, Deputy Clerk
Nicholas Madaj, Court Administrator
Jamie J. Raymond, Friend of the Court (989.426.4141)


Juvenile Probation Officer
Danielle Lundquist
Phone: 989.426.6950

The court’s Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Coordinator is Tina Wasalaski. She can be reached at 989.426.7451 or in the Probate Court office.

Basic Courtroom Etiquette Rules

  1. Wear clothing that would be appropriate for business.
  2. Arrive on time.
  3. Turn off electronic devices and cell phones before entering the courtroom.
  4. Be polite to the judge, opposing counsel and court staff.
  5. Rise when the judge and jury enter and leave the courtroom.
  6. Stand when speaking to the judge, making or meeting an objection or questioning a witness.
  7. Do not interrupt others while they are talking.
  8. Refer to the judge as “Your Honor.”
  9. Direct all concerns and remarks to the bench and not opposing counsel.