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Gladwin County Introduces NIXLE Engage

For Gladwin County Residents

Nixle, what is it?

Launched in 2007, Nixle provides an open communication platform that will connect public safety agencies to the residents they serve. Gladwin County has begun utilizing this new service to access important, valuable community information when you need it, using this latest technology.

Gladwin County will create and publish emergency messages through the Nixle Community Information Service. Nixle will then deliver this information to you instantly via text* and email. Notification can also be accessed online at Nixle’s website at

The service is secure, reliable and easy for Gladwin County residents to use.

Nixle is relied on by over 8,000 agencies nationwide. Gladwin County will be utilizing Nixle for critical situation such as Severe Weather Events, Missing Persons, Evacuations, Safety Hazards, Security Threats and other relevant safety information.

*standard text message rates apply.

Signing up Using Your Cell Phone

Using an iPhone:

  1. Select “Messages” icon.
  2. Select “Add New Messages” icon.
  3. Enter 888777 in the “to” field.
  4. Enter the zip code in the message field.
  5. Press “Send.”

Using an Android:

  1. On the Home screen, click the Messaging icon.
  2. Click “Compose” message.
  3. Enter 888777 in the “to” field.
  4. Enter the zip code in the message field.
  5. Press “Send.”

Using a Blackberry:

  1. On the Home screen, click the “Messaging” icon.
  2. Press the “Menu” key.
  3. Click “Compose SMS.”
  4. Enter 888777 in the “to” field.
  5. Enter the zip code.
  6. Press the “Menu” key.
  7. Press “Send.”

Using a Standard Mobile Phone:

  1. From the standby screen, press “Menu.”
  2. Scroll to and select “Messaging.”
  3. Select “Create Message.”
  4. Select “New Text Message.”
  5. Enter Zip Code and press “Send to.”
  6. Select “New Number.”
  7. Enter 888777.
  8. Press “Send.”


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