Important updates and resources regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for Meal Kit and Food Delivery Safety

Today, many people may be having groceries or meal kits delivered or shipped to their homes. Food should always stay at a safe temperature to prevent the growth of germs that could make you sick. Check out the CDC’s Tips for Meal Kit and Food Delivery Safety for information on what you should do before ordering food, what you should look for once the food is delivered, and how to safely handle the food in your home.

Follow these tips to stay safe and healthy while enjoying meals prepared at home from meal kits and other delivered foods.

Online Support Groups for Parents

Are you looking for a healthy avenue to unwind, destress, vent, and get support from others going through the same COVID-19 pandemic?  There are online support groups for parents to connect with others for support and to know they are not alone. With families being home under the stay-at-home order, many are dealing with additional pressures that they are not used to and not having a healthy way to vent and release some stress can be damaging to your overall health.

There are specific groups that have been created to offer support to people who may not have others in their network who may be able to relate to their circumstances. With these specific groups, you get the chance to talk to others who may understand what you are going through a little better which makes this overwhelming time a little easier to deal with. Some of the support group options that are available are:

  • Coronavirus Parents: Parenting Pandemic
  • Quarantine School
  • The COVID-19 Baby Parent’s Group
  • COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Support Group
  • Single Parents: Surviving Single Parenthood
  • Special Needs Parents Support & Discussion Group
  • Nextdoor

If you’re interested in joining a support group, check out for more information!

Updates & Reminders

If you are concerned about a veteran, Guard or Reserve member fill out this online form requesting that a representative check in with them to help them access benefits and services they have earned for their service.

The Central Michigan District Health department is working hard to obtain more details on specifics for confirmed COVID-19 cases in our jurisdiction. We will be providing tables and graphs with details on age, hospitalizations, cases by zip code, and more that will be updated weekly on our website. We appreciate your patience as we try to compile accurate and helpful information to share with our community.

For more information on these topics and others please visit our Facebook Page Central Michigan District Health Department – Home  or our website at

Thank you for your interest in local public health and have a healthy day!!

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