Relief Distribution Center Closure

The last day for the Flood Relief Distribution Center at Sacred Heart Activities Center will be this coming Friday, August 21st.  The hours that day are 9AM to 4PM.

A list of charitable groups that are available in the county after that will be forthcoming.  The generous donors and  hard work of the volunteers at Sacred Heart and the previous sites at Billings Township, Tobacco Township and Albright Shores Eagles are greatly appreciated.

Also the FEMA site at the fairgrounds is open this week to scan documents and register.  If you have already had work done bring your receipts, and if you live on the water, or a tributary or canal register even if your well is still working.  Online or phone registration is also available (800-621-3362), or  FEMA registration is the required first step to determine eligibility for assistance.  YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 8TH TO BE ELIGIBLE.

Please help others by passing this information along…..time is short.  REGISTER NOW.

Gladwin County Emergency Management