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Utilizing motorized vehicles of any type on the lake bottoms is dangerous. Changes in the ground contours, hidden obstructions, unstable ground and ice conditions, drop offs of varying depths, and obviously visibility limitations during snowfall will create a situation where injury or death can occur. Emergency response will be delayed due to the same conditions. Please be SAFE, and stay off the lake bottoms.

Welcome to the official website for Gladwin County, Michigan. Gladwin County offers recreational and economic opportunities in a friendly, rural setting. Our many lakes, rivers, forests, and recreational facilities provide an abundance of opportunities for both business and family. Please take a look around. We hope your visit is enjoyable, productive, and informative.


Our County

Farmers Markets

Gladwin Farmers Market

Saturdays | 9 am – 1 pm.


Beaverton Farmers Market

Date & Times, TBD.

Special Notices

Public Notice of Apportionment Commission Meetings. Click Here to View PDF

Road Closures

If you have questions regarding any road closures, you should contact the Gladwin County Road Commission.


Gladwin County Courthouse
401 West Cedar Avenue
Gladwin, MI 48624

Please do not call our emergency service departments (Police, Fire, etc.). When looking for info on restrictions – go to This website has all of the latest updates and information you’ll need.