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The County Clerk is the chief elections official of the county and provides training, assistance, technical and logistical support to local clerks. Additionally, the County Clerk is responsible for oversight of the election process to ensure fair, free elections and compliance with all election laws and regulations. On election day this office tabulates election results and submits them to the state.

Information about elections in Gladwin County can be found below or by visiting the Michigan Votes web site maintained by the State of Michigan.

Absent Voter Ballot Application
Absent Voter Ballot Applications should be submitted to your township or city clerk. If you do not know who your city or township clerk is, you are welcome to contact the County Clerk's office at  (989) 426-7351 with questions.

 Federal Post Card Application

Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UCOVA)

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE)

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Current and Upcoming Election Info
Notice of Election
Notice of Voter Registration
Canvass of Votes 05.05.21
Statement of Votes Cast
Meeting Notice 05.05.21
Notice of Registration
Public Notice Accuracy Testing Notice
Official Election Results - 11.02.21
Unofficial Election Results - 11.02.21
Sample Ballot - 11.02.21
Notice of Meeting - 11.02.21
Aug. Primary Candidate List as of 04-26
Election Commission Public Notice
Rose City Schools, Notice of Registration- 05.03.22
Rose City School Notice of Election - 05.03.22
Rose City, Official Election Results - 05.03.22
Notice of Registration
Public Accuracy Testing Notice
Notice of Election
Notice of Meeting - 07.29
August 2022 Sample Ballot
Notice of Meeting - 08.03
Official Results of August Primary - 08.22
Election Commission Public Notice 09.13
Election Commission Public Notice 09.14
November General Sample Ballot
Notice of Registration - 11.22
Full Text - State Prop.1
Full Text - State Prop.2
Full Text - State Prop.3
Notice of Election_11.08.22
Notice of Canvassers Meeting - 11.09.22
Statement of Votes Cast 11.08.22
Official County Canvass 11.08.22
Official County Vote Totals, State 11.08.22
Full School Proposal Language
Election Commission Meeting Notice
Gladwin School Sample Ballot
Election Commission Meeting Notice - 03.02.23
Election Commission Minutes - 03.02.23
Notice to Voters_Polling Location Change May 2023
Election Commission Meeting Notice - 04.06.23
Election Commission Minutes - 04.06.23
Notice of Registration May 2023
Notice of Election May 2023
Notice of Meeting of the County Board of Canvassers
Official Canvass of the May 02 School Election