Gladwin County Flood Relief Videos Are Available!


Effective March 24, 2020 at 12:01 am The County Offices will be closed through June 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Per Executive Order 2020-21. ALL County Offices will be open to the public effective June 15, 2020. Some screening restrictions may apply. Click Here for the Full Revised Update

To combat the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan, Governor Whitmer signed the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order. For at least the next three weeks, all Michigan businesses and operations must temporarily suspend in-person operations that are not necessary to sustain or protect life, and all Michiganders must stay in their homes unless they’re a part of that critical infrastructure workforce, engaged in an outdoor activity, or performing tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their family, like going to the hospital or grocery store.


Please do not call our emergency service departments (Police, Fire, etc). When looking for info on restrictions – go to This website has all of the latest updates and information you’ll need.

Welcome to the official web site for Gladwin County, Michigan. Gladwin County offers recreational and economic opportunities in a friendly rural setting. Our many lakes, rivers, forests and recreational facilities provide an abundance of opportunities for both business and family. Please take a look around. We hope your visit is enjoyable, productive and informative.

The Gladwin County Courthouse is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, some offices are closed during the noon hour 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for lunch. District, Probate and Circuit Courts and court offices are open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.


  • CMDHD – PR – Mosquito-Borne Diseases Detected. Click Here
  • Storm Situation Report. Click Here
  • Four Lakes Task Force meeting scheduled for April 16, 2020 at 3:00 pm. Click Here
  • Urgent: Consumer Alert on Phishing Emails:
    Click Here
  • Be Aware: Red Cross Impersonators! Click Here
  • Map Available to Find Meals for Children During School Closure. Click Here
  • Charter Expands Brandband for Students. Click Here
  • Keep America Connected. Click Here
  • Four Lakes Task Force – Calendar. Click Here
  • March 10, 2020 Public Accuracy Testing – Feb 3 & 4. Click Here


If you have questions or are needing assistance regarding alternate traffic routes or road closures, you should contact the Gladwin County Road Commission.

If you are requiring assistance or need information for property damage claims, shelter information, food and supplies, financial donations, or volunteerism, you should contact the Gladwin County Office of Emergency Management / Gladwin County Board of Commissioners.

For utility services or restoration, you should contact your appropriate utility provider.  i.e. Consumers Power, Charter, AT&T, etc.

Please DO NOT contact Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch 911 for the above information.  The continued increase of non-emergency call volume is delaying the response of first responders for emergencies requiring Police / Fire / EMS.


  • EO-2020-168 – Emerg Order – Food Sellers – Re-Issue – Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-166 – Emerg Order – Worker Protections Reissue – Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-165 – Emerg Declaration – Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-161 – Emerg Order Workplace Safeguards – Final signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-160 – Emerg Order MI Safe Start – Final signed. Click Here 
  • EO-2020-154 Emergency Order Remote Access to Public Processes (Final Signed). Click Here 
  • EO-2020-153 Emergency Order Masks Re-Issue (Final Signed). Click Here 
  • Applications Open for Grants Supporting Small Business Agricultural Food Processors. Click Here 
  • EO-2020-147 – Emerg Order Masks – Final Signed. Click Here 
  • EO-2020-143 Emerg Order Bars (final signed). Click Here 
  • County of Gladwin – Covid-19 – Preparedness and Response Plan. Click Here 
  • CMDHD Covid-19 Information Update – 06.05.2020. Click Here
  • Michigan Food and Agriculture Companies Can Now Apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loans. Click Here
  • EO-2020-77 Emerg order – MI Safe Start – Re-issue (final signed). Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer’s MI Safe Start Plan. Click Here
  • EO-2020-76 Emerg Order Unemployment Re-issue. Click Here
  • Covid Test Locations MI 05.01.2020 Full Spreadsheet. Click Here
  • -2020-70 an emergency order that rescinds and replaces EO-2020-59 MI Safe Start. Click Here
  • MI Coronavirus Response Regions. Click Here
  • MSP District Coordinators. Click Here
  • EO-2020-69 Emerg Order Public Accommodations Re-issue Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-68 New EMA Emerg Disaster Declaration Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-66 Termination of EMA States of Emerg Disaster in EO-2020-33 Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-65 Emerg Order Education Re-issue Final Signed. Click Here
  • EO-2020-61 an Emergency Order on Scope of Practice that Rescinds and Replaces EO-2020-30. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer Imposes Safety Measures to Protect Consumers During the COVID-19 Crisis. Click Here
  • Important Updates and Reminders Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer Extends Temporary Expansions in Unemployment Eligibility and Cost Sharing. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer to Provide Update on States Response to COVID-19. Click Here
  • Important Updates and Resources Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Click Here
  • Prepare and Prevent Coronavirus. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer Extends Executive Orders Enhancing Hospital Capacity, Allowing Public Meetings to be Held Electronically. Click Here
  • Michigan Expands COVID-19 Testing Criteria to Anyone with Symptoms and Launches Testing Site Locator. Click Here
  • EO-2020-43 Emergency Order Public Accommodations Re-issue. Click Here 
  • Signed EO-2020-45, EO-2020-46, and EO-2020-47. Click Here 
  • Governor Whitmer Signs Executive Order Temporarily Extending Expiration of Driver’s Licenses, State ID Cards, Vehicle Registrations. Click Here 
  • Governor Whitmer Signs Executive Order Offering Financial Relief for Bars and Restaurants with on Premises Liquor Licenses. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer Extends Executive Orders on Places of Public Accommodation Weight Restrictions on Roads and Administrative Hearings by Video Conference. Click Here
  • CMDHD COVID 19 Update – April 13, 2020. Click Here 
  • MDHHS Announces Peer Run Warmline. Click Here 
  • Q&A’s Webinar – Local. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer Extends Expands Stay Home Stay Safe Executive Order to Save Lives. Click Here
  • EO-2020-41 Emergency Order Notaries Final Signed. Click Here
  • CMDHD – Coronavirus Travel Advisory. Click Here
  • First Death from COVID-19 in Jurisdiction. Click Here
  • Gladwin County Office closure update effective 03.24.2020. Click Here
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe Order. Click Here
  • Gladwin County Service Offices will be closed effective 03.17.2020. Click Here
  • Coronavirus Update. Click Here
  • Declaration of State of Emergency. Click Here
  • Coronavirus Handout. Click Here
  • News Release, AG Nessel, MDHHS Issue warning to consumers regarding Coronavirus scams. Click Here
  • Stop the Spread of Germs. Click Here
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Q&A. Click Here
  • Coronavirus Update from CMDHD. Click Here
  • Governor Whitmer Activates State Emergency Operations Center to Coordinate State of Michigan Response to Coronavirus. Click Here


  • Emergency Order, Edenville Dam. Click Here
  • FEMA Region-V Recovery Bulletin – September 09, 2020. Click Here
  • 211 with FEMA, SBA Live on Water Wells Assistance Video. Click Here
  • SBA Extends Hours of Michigan Virtual Loan Outreach Center and Business Recovery Center and Announces New Phone Number. Click Here  
  • Flood Insurance Webinars. Click Here
  • DR-4547 – MI Stakeholder Advisory-14 Two Weeks Remain to Apply for Federal Assistance. Click Here 
  • Social Media Post. Click Here 
  • Appeal Process. Click Here 
  • Relief Distribution Center Closure. Click Here 
  • FEMA Flyer 08.14.2020. Click Here
  • August 10, 2020 435-MI-16533 – SBA Physical Disaster Loan Deadline is September 8 in Michigan for Severe Storms and Flooding. Click Here
  • FEMA Individual Assistance County Update. Click Here
  • Federal Disaster Assistance for Flood Survivors. Click Here
  • Stakeholder Advisory #7 – Understanding Your FEMA Letter. Click Here
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  • Disaster Assistance Flyer and Flood Recovery Contacts. Click Here
  • Advisories with Information from FEMA Registration Flyer. Click Here
  • Stakeholder Advisory 5 Guard Against ID Theft and Fraud. Click Here
  • Sacred Heart Church Flood Relief Supplies Update – 07.17.2020. Click Here
  • MI – 16533 – Presidential Fact Sheet. Click Here
  • Press Release – 07.16.2020 Red Cross. Click Here
  • LIVE Telephone Town Hall with Congressman John Moolenaar about the Resources from FEMA – 07.14.2020 at 7:05 pm. Click Here
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  • MI Disaster Declaration – 07.09.2020. Click Here
  • Press Release – 07.10.2020 – Must Register with FEMA. Click Here 
  • Press Release – 07.10.2020 – River Bottoms Safety. Click Here
  • Whitmer’s Request for a Major Disaster Declaration for Mid Michigan Counties Impacted by May Floods Approved by President Trump. Click Here
  • Flood Recovery Resources Topic of Third High Water Summit Webinar – July 8, 2020. Click Here
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  • Press Release – 06.30.2020. Click Here
  • You can find Flood-Related Videos here. Click Here 
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  • ermit Requirements for Flood Repair Please Re-Issue Please Send to Townships. Click Here
  • Press Release – 06-17-2020. Click Here
  • Well Information for Flood Affected Gladwin County Residents. Click Here
  • Red Cross Immediate Assistance. Click Here
  • NR013 EGLE Permits May be Required for Shoreline Rebuilding on Wixom Sanford Lakes After Midland Flooding. Click Here
  • State of Michigan Launches Online Map of Free wi-fi Hotspots to Help Residents Lacking Access to Broadband Internet. Click Here
  • Gladwin County Flood Relief Update – June 8. Click Here
  • Gladwin County MARC Flyer. Click Here
  • Press Release – 06.09.2020-2 – Reduction of Permit Fees. Click Here
  • Press Release – 06.09.2020-1. Click Here
  • PAPPG Version-4 Appendix-G Mosquito Abatement. Click Here
  • Red Cross Flyer – Immediate Assistance. Click Here
    Be Aware Before You Repair. Click Here
  • Press Release – 06.05.2020 – Use of Dump Stations and Non-Potable Water Stations. Click Here
  • Post Flood Self-Reporting Tool for Loss of Water from Residential Wells. Click Here
  • Billings Township Services – 06.02.2020. Click Here
  • Common Floodplain Activities That May / May Not Need Permits. Click Here
  • Press Release – 06.01.2020-2 – Flood Debris Pickup Removal. Click Here
  • Tobacco Township Distribution Center is available! Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.29.2020-2 – Gladwin County Debris Pickup. Click Here 
  • Press Release – 05.29.2020 – Gladwin County Debris Pickup. Click Here 
  • Road Closure Update – 05.28.2020. Click Here
  • Flood Clean-up – All About Mold. Click Here
  • Flood Clean-up – Protecting Indoor Air Quality. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.26.2020 – Construction. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.26.2020 – Flood Relief Distribution and Collection Center to be Established in Downtown Gladwin. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.25.2020-1. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.24.2020-3 – Flood – Self-Reporting Tool for Flood Damages. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.24.2020-2 – Flood – Services Available Safety Precautions. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.24.2020-1 – Flood – Restoration of Power. Click Here
  • Executive Order 2020-98 Declaration of State of Emergency. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05-22-2020 – From Emergency Manager. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.21.2020 – 211 Information. Click Here
  • FAQs | Helpful Flood Information. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.20.2020 – Lowering Water. Click Here
  • Road Closures – 05.20.2020. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.20.2020 – Gladwin County has Opened their Emergency Management Center in Response to the Flooding. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.19.2020 – Gladwin County Personnel have been Working Through the Night for the Safety of our Residents. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.19.2020 – MDOT is Barricading South M-30 at Strykers Marina. Click Here
  • Press Release – 05.18.2020 – Gladwin County has Experienced Flooding and High-Water. Click Here