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Commissioner’s Pre-Qualification Policy

The below list entitles are deemed qualified to be selected to perform drain maintenance on behalf of the Gladwin County Drain Commissioner. This list is subject to change with entities being added or removed in accordance with the Gladwin County Drain Commissioner’s Pre-Qualification. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE PRE-QUALIFICATION APPLICATION AND POLICY FORM

DeLise Landscaping and Excavating

Donn’s Trucking and Excavation

L.F. Batterbee Excavating Inc.

Rau’s Complete Cleaning Services

Mid-State Earthworks , Inc

Rivard Excavating

Bilacic Trucking Inc

Please note that placement on the list does not guarantee a contractor will be selected to perform work. The Drain Commissioner sustains full discretion and authority to either bid a non-petitioned maintenance work or to select any contractor form the prequalified list to perform said non-petitioned maintenance.

This list does not preclude any contractor, whether on the list or not, from submitting for work that the Drain Commissioner decided to put out for bids.