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drain commission

The Drain Commissioner is responsible and has jurisdiction over all established County drains.

County Drain Commissioner

Terry L. Walters, Drain Commissioner

555 West Cedar Avenue, Suite C
Gladwin, MI 48624

Phone: 989.426.7561
Fax: 989.426.6919

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 4pm
Drain Commissioner
Available by appointment.

Day of Review

2021 Day of Review

Bennett Drain

Bennett Extension Drain

Burleson Drain

Lang Drain

Little Sugar Drain

Long Scott Drain

Martin Drain


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Board Meeting Schedules & Minutes


LAKE Contos Improvement
Pratt Lake Improvement
Wiggins Lake Improvement

Meeting Information:

Wednesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tuesday, August 20, 2024

Tuesday, September 17, 2024

All meetings are at 7:00pm at the Sage Twp Hall 


Notice Of letting


Burleson Drain
Davidson Creek Intercounty Drain
Curtice Intercounty Drain

intercounty Drainage Board Meetings & Minutes


Curtice Intercounty Drain



Herner Intercounty Drain
Nash Intercounty Drain
Walker Intercounty Drain
Wright Intercounty Drain

Four lake task force

        (989) 941-3005

Prequalification List

  • Arden Shell Trucking & Excavating LLC 
  • ARS Services LLC
  • Bilacic Trucking Inc
  • Bill Raushi Jr. Trapping
  • Blue Restoration LLC
  • Champange & Marx Excavating Inc
  • DeLisle Landscaping & Excavating
  • Donn’s Trucking & Excavation
  • Gladwin Contracting LLC
  • Glennwood Contracting LLC
  • L.F. Batterbee Excavating Inc.
  • Mid-State Earthworks Inc
  • Pats Gradall Services Inc
  • Rau’s Complete Cleaning Services
  • Rivard Excavating
  • RSK Excavating LLC
  • Shull Transport, INC.

Application to Cross Drain

Please call the drain office to get permit fee. The drain office number is 989.426.7561. Click Here to View PDF

Gladwin County Storm Water Management Plan

The growth of condominium sites, subdivisions, and businesses in Gladwin County is a primary concern. These guidelines do not hinder this growth, but will ensure that the growth of these types of sites does not cause negative impacts with their neighbors or the surrounding areas in regards to storm water runoff.

Comments and questions should be directed to the Drain Commission.

Gladwin County Courthouse
401 West Cedar Avenue
Gladwin, MI 48624


The Wixom Lake Improvement Board will be overseeing helicopter spraying of nuisance woody vegetation this summer in many parts of the main lake bottomlands within its jurisdiction. The treatments are tentatively scheduled for mid to late June. To increase the effectiveness of the treatments, leaves need to be present on the trees for the herbicide to be actively taken up and translocated throughout the entirety of the plant material (including the roots). Due to this process, the lake board is asking that you not mow areas beyond 50 feet from the original Wixom Lake shoreline (where the treatments will be taking place). It is expected to take approximately 2 months (until late August/early September) for the treatment to completely kill the trees after which mowing can resume in the Bottomland areas.   Efforts will be made to remove most of the remaining dead trunks prior to re-filling the lake. However, certain (deeper) areas may remain standing to serve as fish habitat pending discussions with MDNR. However, it is likely that much of the dead, treated, material will not be removed this year. Keep in mind, that management of nuisance woody vegetation is not a one-year effort, it is a multi-year effort with the ultimate goal of the bottomlands being ready for re-filling upon the completion of the dam in a few years. The Wixom Lake Improvement Board is asking that you please have patience in this process.